Lyme Disease Symptoms

SYMPTOMS OF TICK BORNE ILLNESS Q: Will every patient who has Lyme disease see a bull’s eye rash? A: Lyme disease presents as a bull's eye rash in less than 50% of patients. That means that in more than half of the cases, there is no obvious rash, and the symptoms can be mild and can look like so many other illnesses. This makes the diagnosis of lyme disease very difficult. Q: Is lyme disease associated with other illnesses? A: Lyme disease is often associated with other tick born infections, also known as co-infections. More importantly, many of these other infections can be found without lyme so it is critical for all infections to be tested through a blood test in patients with a high l

What you need to know about B12 Injections

Vitamin injections and IV's can be essential to patients who have vitamin deficiencies. Many patients with deficiencies have absorption issues, stemming from surgeries like gastric bypass, inflammation in the gut, and hereditary factors. Oral vitamins in this case will not have a great enough effect on their levels, so giving the vitamins intravenously or intramuscularly will bypass the gut and get the vitamins directly into the blood stream where it can then be absorbed into their cells. Vitamins are critical for different cell functions and without them there are a variety of conditions that could develop. B12 deficiency, for instance, can lead to neurological problems such as memory l

How to Manage Mold in Your House

SIGNS OF MOLD IN THE HOUSE Mold in the home is a major cause of illness and is not often identified because of the difficulties surrounding mold testing. However, there are some simple steps you can take that can help you find out if you have a mold problem in your home. Look for discoloration of grout lines in between tiles in the bathroom. Bathrooms are wet and humid, two conditions promoting mold growth. So it is not uncommon to see green, brown, black or even pink mold growing on the grout. Look under sinks, where there could have been a leaky pipe. Water that drips from leaky pipes can collect on the inside of wood cabinetry and cause mold to grow. Typically you will see a blackening

10 Ways to Improve Skin Naturally

1. Eat a low carb, grain free diet which will reduce skin puffiness and control weight. 2. Use 1-2 tablespoons collagen protein in a cup of water or in a protein shake with evening primrose oil and flax seeds to also provide essential fatty acids for body, skin and hair. 3. Coconut oil is great to cook with but equally good applied to hair as a mask starting a month before a big event and even to the skin as a moisturizer. 3. Get enough vitamin C in the diet. It helps to boost collagen production and helps with sun damage. 4. Protect the skin from harmful UV rays with mineral sunblock containing non-nano particle Zinc oxide. Avoid sunscreens that contain chemicals, like oxybenzone, which

Top Triggers for Migraines

Up to 80-90% of people have had at least one headache in their lifetime, most often, a tension-type headache. A study done in 2012 at the Brigham and Women's Hospital analyzing government records found that 14% of people suffered a severe headache over the 3-month period. Severe headaches are often categorized as migraine headaches and about 1 in every 7 Americans suffer from Migraines each year. The top symptoms associated with severe headaches include throbbing or sharp pains in the head or behind the neck, nausea and vomiting, sudden onset, photophobia or light sensitivity, weakness or difficulty speaking. For someone with a history of headaches in the past, noticing a change in the pa

5 Natural Antihistamines to Combat Allergies

Allergies are caused by histamine which is released from a white blood cell, called a mast cell. These mast cells detect things that are foreign to it, like pollen, certain foods, or even viruses. During allergy season, depending on what the person is allergic to, these mast cells will detect that allergen and will try to get rid of it. It does that by exploding and releasing histamine and other inflammatory chemicals that can then fight off that allergen. The problem is that they are also harming the body depending on where they are exploding. If the histamine is released in the nose and sinuses, you will get a runny or congested nose and a headache. If the histamine is released in t

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