Ask The NY MCAS Expert: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Questions Answered

­­­ Is it possible to have a slightly elevated N-methylhistamine level if an individual’s dietary histamine level was extremely high without having MCAS? Simply having an elevated level of a mast cell mediator (whether N-methylhistamine or any other mast cell mediator) does not make for a diagnosis of MCAS and is not known to infer anything about whether a patient has MCAS. It must be kept in mind that mast cells *normally* activate in response to a wide variety of assaults upon the body, and thus it's almost certainly the case that the vast majority of elevated mast cell mediator levels which might be detected in the population reflect normal mast cell reactions. The diagnosis of MCAS, ra

Ask The MCAS Expert: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

What is the connection between mast cell disorders, celiac disease and immune deficiencies? Why are people often diagnosed with celiac- go gluten-free and then their mast cells go crazy? I've heard from many who had this experience- first diagnosed with celiac and then MCAS. Unfortunately, we don't know. In my opinion, we remain in the early days of learning the full range of problems mast cell disease can cause. It is likely that as time goes on and further research is conducted, we will learn about more and more connections between mast cell disease (of one variant or another) and other diseases which feature chronic inflammation, allergic-type phenomena, and abnormalities of growth and d

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