Ask The New York MCAS Expert: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Questions Answered

Do mast cells make you gain weight and have a huge stomach when you are eating almost nothing? I have seen MCAS drive weight gain in some patients, weight loss in other patients, and alternating weight gain and weight loss in yet other patients. Except for weight changes due to gain or loss of edema (swelling), we do not yet understand the molecular mechanisms underlying any of these frustrating phenomena. It should be noted, too, that many MCAS patients also suffer problems with (often acute) "bloating" of the abdomen, independent of any issues with actual obesity, and we don't even yet understand the mechanism of this bloating in these patients. Why does my suspected MCAS make it difficu

The Sugar in Fruit: Is the sugar in fruit bad for you?

Fruit, regardless of the fact that it is a "natural" sugar, can still lead to a number of diseases. There is an epidemic right now in this country of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, which are associated with poor processing of sugar, increased blood sugar, and the conversion of sugar into fat. We know that this can lead to heart disease, strokes, dementia, cancer, and, of course, diabetes. Now, some have argued that the sugar in fruit is somehow processed differently than other types of sugar and while this might be true to an extent, the sugar in fruit might actually be worse. There are 3 types of sugar: fructose, glucose and sucrose. The main sugar in fruit is fructose, but

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