Ask the NYC MCAS Expert: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Questions Answered

Is there any correlation between MCAS and seizures or seizure like activity? If an EEG is done, should there be anything specific looked at in MCAS patient? I know of no studies identifying any findings on EEGs which are specific to patients with mast cell disease of any type. Also, though I don't know of any "correlation" between MCAS and seizure or seizure-like activity, both seizures and activities which are seizure-like but shown by EEG not to be true seizures (i.e., so-called pseudoseizures) can be seen in "association" with MCAS (and other mast cell diseases, too). It seems "more likely than not" that the development of seizures or pseudoseizures in a patient with proven mast cell d

The Difference Between MCAD and MCAS

"Mast cell activation disease" (or "mast cell activation disorder") -- MCAD -- is the new term (since late 2010, when it

Ask The New York Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Expert: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Questions Answe

What is recommended for frequent anaphylaxis if someone has Kounis syndrome and the person is having difficulty becoming stable? It is not presently possible to predict which medications will be most likely to help which symptoms in which mast cell patients. Antihistamines, steroids, and benzodiazepines can be helpful in some flares of mast cell activation. Epinephrine has helped some mast cell patients with Kounis syndrome (and also some with severe hypertension), but the risks are apparent. Beyond use of emergency medications, the kind of patient described in this question needs to work diligently with his/her doctor in trying the many other medications found helpful in various MCAS pat

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