Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) Questions Answered: Ask the NY MCAS Expert

I am currently on methotrexate, ketotifen, fexofenadine, and sodium crom but STILL reacting to food - what else is left to do? Fortunately, there is a great assortment of interventions which have been found helpful in various MCAS patients, but unfortunately, we cannot yet predict which interventions are most likely to benefit which MCAS patients. Therefore, patient, persistent, methodical “trial and error” is the only presently viable approach toward ultimately identifying the specific regimen which best controls the patient’s symptoms. It would take virtually an entire textbook written at this point to list and explain the great many other treatments which might be reasonable for you to

Caffeine Allergy & Coffee Intolerance: What You Need to Know

Coffee, like any other food or drink on the market, can be associated with side effects for some people. It is estimated that up to 20% of American's have some sort of food intolerance. Intolerance to coffee is not that uncommon and can manifest differently in each person. Allergy to coffee is less common but not unheard of. Reactions, whether they are from allergy or intolerance, can come from compounds in the coffee or to the caffeine itself. Food intolerance, whether it is to coffee or other things that are ingested, is often a delayed response to a compound in the food. Allergies are immune reactions that typically cause the release of histamine. Caffeine Intolerance: Symptoms of C

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