Thanksgiving Turkey Health Safety Tips

Given the dangers of salmonella contamination in raw turkey products, here are some safety tips for you as you prepare your Thanksgiving turkey: 1) Do not wash the bird. This increases the chances of spreading bacteria around the kitchen. Instead, carefully open up the plastic wrap and drain the liquid into the sink. Then pat it dry with paper towels. 2) Wash your hands frequently. While this might sound excessive, you really do want to wash your hands before handling the turkey, while handling it and certainly when you are done. I recommend using disposable gloves and changing them often during the process of handling the raw turkey and, of course, even with the gloves you still have to

The Hidden Bacteria Lurking in Your House

HANDBAGS It’s unhygienic to put your handbag on the kitchen counter. Handbags collect bacteria and other pathogens very easily. As handbags are placed on dirty floors, get handled by dirty hands and even sit in the front of shopping carts where bacteria from food are growing, they pick up lots of different potentially dangerous organisms. If you then drop your contaminated handbag on to the countertop where you are preparing food, you are depositing all those bugs right into that food. Studies have been conducted that take swab samples from various handbags to look at the types of germs that are found on or in them. The bottom of the handbag had the greatest amount of bacteria followed by

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