Top 5 Myths About Lyme Disease You May Not Know

When most think about Lyme disease, they give out outdoor tips to protect your body from a tick jumping on you. But did you realize that there are more myths than truths floating around about Lyme disease? Lyme Disease Expert Dr. Tania Demspey recently shared the top 5 myths and truths you need to know about Lyme disease to protect yourself and your family this spring on Fox 61 News. 5 MYTHS ABOUT LYME DISEASE YOU MAY NOT KNOW 1) Myth: Lyme disease can only be transmitted if the tick is attached to a person or animal for at least 36-48 hours. Truth: New research shows that the bacteria that causes Lyme disease (Borrelia Burgdorferi) can be found in the blood stream in under 24 hours. People

Testing for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: Measuring Tryptase

What is tryptase? Tryptase is a protein manufactured by mast cells. In the human body, tryptase is made only by mast cells, and mast cells seem to make more tryptase than any other protein. Roughly a quarter of all the protein content in a mast cell is copies of the tryptase molecule. Strange, then, that we don't yet know what tryptase's principal function in the human body is, but that really is the case. There is research demonstrating that tryptase has a key role in driving inflammation and allergic reactions and that it participates in the regulation of airway openness, blood vessel openness, intestinal muscle activity, and blood clotting. But its principal role? Why evolution broug

Is Sushi Safe To Eat? Health Risks of Eating Sushi

Mercury, parasites, bacteria and foodborne illness are just some of the associated health risks of eating sushi. Sushi sounds like a quick and easy meal, but there are significant health risks associated with eating sushi. For one, all fish contain some level of mercury, but most of the fish that is used in sushi rolls and sashimi are large fish, such as tuna, yellowtail, bluefin, sea bass and lobster, and they have the highest amounts of mercury. Symptoms of mercury toxicity include memory problems, muscle weakness, numbness and tingling, tremors and irritability. If you don't want to give up sushi, then at least choose lower mercury fish, such as salmon and shrimp. Eating raw sushi also

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