Is Food Coloring Toxic?

Health Risks of Food Dyes I am concerned about how ubiquitous food coloring is in so many of the foods that our children are given for celebratory reasons, particularly birthdays and holidays. Think bright colored candy, colored sprinkles, and frosting on cupcakes and cookie decorations that glow. How can anyone, especially a child, resist the rainbow of colors before them? Children are not only more susceptible to the lure of the color, but also to the toxicity associated with food dyes. However, adults are not immune to the toxic food dyes that reign supreme in the food system. ARTIFICIAL FOOD COLORING DANGERS Which Food Dyes are the most harmful? Red 40 is considered one of the most toxi

Health & Wellness New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution Health Goals Health & Wellness Resolutions for every month of the year Small health goals are more effective than setting large health goals, which can be overwhelming to think about. Keeping it simple makes it is more likely to stick. Along with the Healthy New Year’s Resolutions you have made for 2020, here are 12 health goals to consider for every month of 2020! Healthy Lifestyle Goals January. Everyone seems to make going to the gym and starting an exercise routine the health goal of the New Year. I would argue that that is not the way to do it because it is not usually sustainable. Many people that join a gym in January stop going by March. I recommend January

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