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My mission is to prevent chronic disease. I specialize in getting to the “root” of the root cause of your illness. Patients come to me from all over the world who cannot get a definitive diagnosis from other doctors. As an expert in mystery illnesses, I focus on the story behind the symptoms.


My goal is to help patients understand the role the toxic environment is playing in our health and to learn how to find ways to cope with it through functional medicine.

Why I Opened my Practice.. 

I was increasingly frustrated with the limitations that were placed on me in the practice I was with.  I felt suffocated by the traditional medical model.  I was discouraged from trying to help patients get better "holistically".   I was reprimanded for spending too much time with patients and for not using statin drugs to lower cholesterol levels.  Because I used lifestyle modification and knew the data did not support the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease, my patient's cholesterol numbers did not meet the range dictated by insurance companies.

So, I decided to take things into my own hands.  I wanted to create a patient-centered practice where healing begins the minute they walk through the door. I wanted to be able to explore many treatment options for the patient (from east to west), and not just what big pharma was saying to do.  I wanted to give patient's the attention they deserved, and to have the time to educate them.  I knew that I could create the "optimum" environment for optimum health.

Patient Growth: